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  • Matériel de nettoyage

Présentation / Activité

Dulevo International is one of the five leading manufacturers of sweepers for commercial, industrial and urban cleaning, active in more than 80 countries worldwide. Given the diverse and specific needs of end consumers, Dulevo has developed and designed several custom product lines: street sweepers, industrial sweepers, man on board and walk behind.

Produits / Services

The wide range of street sweepers is designed to clean large outdoor areas: loading bays, airstrips, urban areas, streets and car parks.
Dulevo has chosen to increasingly focus its energy with greater efforts in order to obtain a product that can guarantee to each of us an unparalleled cleaning and disinfection service.
Dulevo sweepers are designed to clean large areas both indoors and outdoors: warehouses, supermarkets, factories, airstrips, streets and car parks.
Dulevo is the only company that uses an identical ultrafine filtering method in all its models, limiting itself to adapting it to the size of the various types of application.

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